Moon Over Cabarete
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Moon Over Cabarete

Moon Over Cabarete will appeal to many different audiences— Caribbean travelers, expats, and retirees who enjoy observations about economic changes in developing countries. This is a story of hopes and losses told with humor and affection.
Lynn Rockwell, Red-hot Proofreading


Moon Over Cabarete is a personal and endearing account of societal change over a score of years, as commerce and technology transform the day to day life in a quaint fishing village in the Dominican Republic—all seen through the eyes of an American couple, told with gusto and passion.
Joseph Kaplan, Literary Reviews


Moon Over Cabarete is as much a love story as it is the humorous and sometimes bittersweet adventures of a New England couple pursuing their dreams in a foreign land; a modern day Innocents Abroad.
Jesse McGuire, South Pasadena Book Club

Moon Over Cabarete is an engaging story full of anecdotes that have you smiling and shaking your head at the experiences of four friends living in a culture where they didn’t speak the language or know how things were done.
Barbara DeWall, Arizona Review